Sente Security, LLC is a fractional CISO and security advisory company with a focus on helping businesses of all sizes implement solutions that provide the right balance of security and cost.

Together with our partners, we have decades of experience spanning security and privacy engineering, program building, risk management, and technology leadership. We support our clients through building holistic, efficient, and modernized security and compliance programs to meet today’s technical and compliance challenges.

What does "Sente" mean?

“Sente” is a Japanese word associated with the ancient Chinese strategy game “Go,” and loosely translates to having the initiative or advantage. When one player is said to be “in sente“, the other player is said to be “in gote“, and must make their moves in response to the player in sente. We believe our services provide a similar advantage to those choosing to work with us, and place opponents – whether they are actual attackers or just broken processes – at a disadvantage.


About the Founder

Jarred White is a veteran security and privacy leader who has worked on the cutting edge of technology for two decades. His journey with computing began in the mid-90s as an early adopter of Linux and Open Source, and continued through the early 2000s as an ethical hacker focused on network and application security. 

His professional experiences include building and leading high-performing security and privacy engineering organizations and consulting teams, overseeing compliance and risk management programs such as PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2, and NIST, and developing corporate information security programs from the ground up. Throughout his career he has delivered talks at major industry conferences and tradeshows, including RSA Conference, Security BSides, and PasswordsCon, as well as leading engaging discussions on security and privacy topics at a number of privately-held forums and events.